YMCA/LuK Learning Academy

General Information

Ages - The facility will accommodate age 6 weeks to 5 years, as well as  school age K - 6th Grades. 

Gross Motor Play - There is a large muscle room for the children to utilize in inclement weather and at scheduled times throughout the day.  An outside playground is also available.  This area includes several climbing units, area for bikes and open areas to run and play. 
Meals - Children that are able to eat table food will be provided with two meals and one snack each day:  breakfast, lunch and snack.  The LuK Cafe will prepare lunch.  Each meal will meet the requirements set forth by the state. 
Infant/Toddler Meals - Children using bottles and eating baby food will need to have their formula and food provided by parents.  The center staff will be able to warm bottles and food if needed. 
Rest Time - The center will provide each child a crib or cot for rest time.  All cribs and cots will be labeled with the child's name.  Sheets will be provided by the center.  The
Preschool - The center will provide a learning program for children in the preschool years during the morning hours.  The program will be planned by using themes, objectives and evaluations.  We have three preschool rooms:  A room for young three (3 year old room); a room for older threes and young fours (4 year old room); and a room for older fours and young fives (5year old room). 
Infants/Toddlers - Children from infancy through the toddler years will also be challenged in a variety of activities to assist in their developmental needs.  We have three infant rooms and two toddler rooms.  The children are grouped by age to help meet their needs at each stage of their development.  A daily report will be given to parents upon departure. 
Staffing - The state sets up specific guidelines that all staff must meet.  In addition, the YMCA focuses on four core values - CARING, HONESTY, RESPECT AND RESPONSIBILITY.  When hiring we look for individuals that will support our values and will provide a loving, safe, nurturing and educational environment for the children.  There are trained staff in First Aid, CPR, Communicable Disease and Child Abuse on site at all times. 
License - The center is licensed through the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. 
Cleanliness - As a center and staff we will also be committed to provide a clean and organized environment.  Cleanliness does not mean children cannot have some messy fun.  We will provide all types of learning experiences, even messy ones!!

For more information or for a tour of the Daycare contact our Daycare Director Lori Colon at 330.202.6107