Gymnastics Sessions

Summer Session I June 8th – July 10th

Registration Begins – May 27

Summer Session II July 13 – August 14

Registration Begins – July 1st

Summer Session - Friday ONLY Classes

June 5th – August 14th No Classes July 3rd



Preschool Gymnastics:


Tiny Tumblers (1 & 2 year olds)

Parent and child class where the beginning of basic gymnastics and motor skills are taught.  This class is held at the YMCA Gymnastics Center, 1660 Enterprise Parkway,
Fridays 9:00am $34/$52

Little Rollers (Level I, II, III) (ages 3-5)

This is the beginning of their gymnastics sport.  These classes are for both boys and girls where kids will develop balance, agility, using the vault, balance beam, uneven bars
and floor.  Each child will practice in all four events.  When registering, sign your child up for the appropriate skill level.  
Little Rollers I   30 min - 3 to 5 yr. olds
10:00am $46/$88
5:30pm $46/$88

Little Rollers II  45 min - 3 to 5 yr. olds
10:00am $56/$103
5:30pm $56/$103

Little Rollers III  45 min - 3 to 5 yr. olds
10:00am $56/$103
5:30pm $56/$103

Progressive Gymnastics (ages 6-13)

Kids start from the basics and work their way up while preparing for the pre-team level of our gymnastics program. 
SWINGERS: (Beginner)
10:45am $56/$103
6:15pm $56/$103
KIPPERS: (Intermediate)
10:45am $56/$103
6:15pm $56/$10 
FLYERS: (Advanced)
10:30am $64/$108
6:00pm $64/$108
PRE-TEAM: (ages 6-8)
8:30am $71/$118
FIRECRACKERS: (ages 5-7 coach selected)
8:30am $71/$118

Power Hour (ages 2-5 parent/child)

This program is for the child who wants to burn off energy while working on their strength and coordination in an unstructured environment. 
No Summer Classes

Junior Tumbling (grades 1st - 5th)

Junior - 60 min Must have a good cartwheel,  round off, handstand and backbend to take this class.

Senior Tumbling (grades 6th - 12th)

Senior - 60 min Must be able to do a back handspring to take this class.
Tue/Thurs 9:00am $59/$103

Home School Gymnastics (ages 5-12)

This program is for the child who is home schooled and is interested in learning the basics of gymnastics.  We will work on Floor, Vault, Bars, and Balance Beam.  We will 
also put an emphasis on strength and flexibility. 
No Summer Classes

 Open Gyms  

 High School Gymnastics Open Gym Need to be part of a team or considering being on a team.  
Tuesdays 11:30am – 1:00pm
Starting June 9 Pay at the Door $5/$10 *Must have 5 participants at each open gym to run it.
Gymnastics Camps

Camp Prices $35/Family Members, $55/Members, $75/ Non Members

All Gymnastics Camps are held at our Gymnastics Center

Open Gymnastics Camp

Grades 1st – 6th

June 8 – 12 1:00 – 2:30pm

Novice/Beginner Tumbling Camp

Grades  4th – 12th

June 15 – 19

1:00 – 2:30pm

Preschool Gymnastics Camp

Ages 4 & 5

June 22 – 26

1:00 – 2:30pm

Boys Tumbling and Strength Camp

Grades 2nd – 6th

June 29 – July 2nd

1:00 – 2:30pm (4 Day Camp) $25/$45/$65

Hip Hop Camp Grades

K – 6th July 6 – 10

1:00 – 2:30pm

Junior/Senior Tumbling Camp Junior – Must have good Cartwheel, round off, handstand and back bend. Senior – Must be able to do a back handspring on your own. 

Grades 4th – 12th

July 20 – 24

1:00- 2:30pm